Buddy Club Spec 2 Exhaust

Buddy Club Spec 2 Exhaust



Product Description

The Buddy Club Spec 2 is the ultimate race exhaust for your car. It’s straight through design out performs any other exhaust on the market and delivers an unmistakable sound!

If you want to get the absolute best flow possible or annoy the absolute $#!T out of your neighbors, then the Buddy Club Spec 2 is your #1 choice.

Keep in mind that this exhaust is designed for competition use and does not meet the sound limits for street use.  THIS THING IS LOUD!

This exhaust does include a silencer that will help keep sound down but it is still very loud and will attract the attention of police if you hit the streets with it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Haha!

(Warning Loud Video Below)

And one that’s even louder….

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