Skunk2 Pro Camber Kit
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Skunk2 Pro Camber Kit



Product Description

A Skunk2 Pro Camber kit will give you all the adjustment you will ever need.  Specifically designed to offer up to +/- 5° of camber adjustment making these a great choice for circuit racing or for the stretch & poke crowd.  The Pro Series camber kits are much stronger than the original Tuner Series all for just a tad bit more money.  Skunk2 totally redesigned the ball joint to provide more clearance and ensure clamping pressure across the entire surface area to prevent slipping which was common on the Tuner model.

Pro Series Ball Joints are forged from a single piece and allow adjustment from the bottom side.  This makes setup changes much easier, especially on slammed vehicles that ride on shortened shock bodies.  Skunk2’s Camber Kits are the choice of most professional race teams, including Honda’s factory road race cars!  Whether your looking to do some serious track time or just looking for that perfect camber angle, a Skunk2 Pro Camber Kit is a great choice.

 Chassis  Adjustment Range
 88-91 Civic/CRX  +/- 3.3°
 92-95 Civic  +/- 5.0°
 96-00 Civic  +/- 5.0°
 90-93 Integra  +/- 3.3°
 94-01 Integra  +/- 5.0°
 04-08 TSX  +/- 3.0°


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