Skunk2 Pro-S II Coilovers



Product Description

The Skunk2 Pro-S II coilovers have been totally redesigned and are a vast improvement over the original Pro-S!

The Skunk2 Pro-S 2 coilovers offer ride height adjustability separate from spring preload due to a fully threaded shock body. This allows for easy corner balancing of the vehicle without sacrificing shock travel.

This setup is great for someone who participates in track days and daily driving as well.

CNC-wound SAE9254V race springs ensure you say glued to the road and offer maximum control. Ride height adjustable with up to a 3″ drop. Decrease body roll and lap times with your new set of Skunk2 Pro-S II’s today!

The Skunk2 Pro-S II coilovers features a 1 year warranty.


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